Document Delivery

Online & Email Based Delivery

Our unique document delivery system pairs standard email delivery with an online portal for travelers that allow them to not only see their itineraries, but also setup and receive alerts and notifications. This queue based delivery system uses its own database to store itineraries. Agents and Administrators are able to customize the system to their specifications, and travelers will enjoy the convenient, all-inclusive access with links to weather, online check in, and other pertinent news.

Historical Itinerary Information

Unlike most delivery systems, we keep historical itineraries. Travelers can log in at any time and see old itineraries by searching through their calendar. We never remove data, so old seat information, alerts, and emails are all still available. Agents too can see old itineraries for all of their travelers, eliminating the need to clutter their inboxes with past trips. Need to send all of a travelers itineraries over the past year? No problem!

Alerts & Notifications Systems

After your customer is setup in the online system, the traveler can sign up for numerous alerts and notifications. Messages can be sent via SMS, Email, or even automated phone recordings. Users can control all aspects of their itinerary notifications such as schedule changes, seat updates, flight delays, departure/arrival information, gate changes, and more

Custom Document Templates

Setup generic and custom website, email, and document templates. Add in items such as company logos, special emergency and call numbers, weather, and more. All user emails can be customized to match your agency's colors and branding. PDF attachments as well as websites can be further customized to include even specific corporate logos for your accounts.